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Giving the gift of your time can be very rewarding. Volunteer opportunities are available for our Clinics and also for Events throughout the year.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please complete the form provided the link below.  Thank you so much for your interest. 


It does not cost our participants anything to enroll in the Links to Freedom Golf Program.  Therefore, we welcome any efforts to create a Fundraiser on our behalf.  This may include but not be limited to Benefit Golf Tournaments.  Another option would be to donate a portion of the proceeds from an existing Event.  Any efforts will have a positive impact on the wounded service men and women we support.   If you require our assistance or wish to partner with us on an Event, please contact us.


Become an L2F Member

As an L2F Member, your monthly donation can make a huge difference.

BRONZE LEVEL:  $20 USD monthly

SILVER LEVEL:  $25 USD monthly

WARRIOR LEVEL:  $45 USD monthly

GOLD STAR LEVEL:  $75 USD monthly


For $3 per day ($1000/year) you can provide a wounded warrior or disabled veteran access to the L2F Program for an entire year!


For $4.50 per day ($1500/year) you can provide Gold Star and immediate family members access to the L2F Program for an entire year!

Make A One-time Cash Donation

Donating is easy.  Use one of the easy methods below to make your donation.

Workplace Giving

  • Employee Matching Gifts, your help counts Double!

  • Volunteer Support Groups

  • Donations through Payroll Deductions: Set it and Forget it

  • Annual Giving Campaigns: Corporate and Private

Organize a Benefit Golf Tournament

Benefit Golf Tournaments are a great way to raise money.  What makes it especially appropriate for Links to Freedome is that money raised from a  Golf Event actually is donated to a golf program.

Another way to promote the recipient of your donation is to invite Links to Freedom program participants to play in your Event.  This showcases the results of the Links to Freedom Golf Program to your participants and sponsors.

If you are interested in hosting, organizing, or donating to a Benefit Golf Tournament, please contact us.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Using available fundraising platforms, you can create an individual effort to raise money for Links to Freedom.

Many individuals will opt to raise money for a Charity or Nonprofit instead of receive gifts for their birthday or other occasions.

Recognized National days, such as "Giving Tuesday" are excellent opportunities to generate support for Links to Freedom.




Scholarship Program

Each $1000 Scholarship for a Wounded/Disabled Service Member or Veteran

  • Enables one full-year enrollment in the L2F Program

  • The Program consists of 16 practice sessions (1.5 hours) and four on-course instruction lessons per year (up to 3 hours)

  • Pays for 30+ hours of injury/disability specific instruction with PGA & LPGA Professionals

  • Provides an everyday practice pass and weekday playing pass-totally free!

  • Provides 16 lunch periods (food and guest speakers/mentors)

  • Families, Care Givers & Gold Star are invited to participate at No Cost

  • L2F has an exclusive US Army Agreement to provide rehabilitative golf programs at every Soldier Readiness Unit (SRU); currently at 4 SRU's with 300+ participants

  • As funding becomes available, L2F will grow to 15-20 SRU's and Military Hospitals nationwide (1,400+ Annual participants); goal is to provide programs at every location by 2025

Corporations Benefit by Providing Scholarships

  • Access to Army Installations without going thru complicated sponsorship regulations

  • Visibility at 20+ military and surrounding communities (1M+ personnel)

  • Personal stories from participants can be used appropriately by scholarship provider

  • Civic awareness resulting from providing scholarships to wounded/disabled veterans

  • Participation with L2F networking events & volunteer opportunities at program locations

Suicide Prevention & Reduction of Harmful Behaviors

L2F contributes to the US Army’s Suicide Prevention Program Elements of Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention.  To prevent Harmful behaviors, L2F using the game of golf to bolster rehabilitation and reconnect families/friends.  High-risk individuals are less susceptible to harmful behaviors if they have an engaged support system of people they trust.  L2F also provides an opportunity for individuals and family members to intervene and get involved with a healthy alternative to harmful behavior.  Weekly interaction for at-risk individuals not only prevents harmful behavior, it allows those at the highest risk to find an “offramp” thru L2F adaptive golf programs and back onto the road to recovery.  Finally, L2F incorporated postvention strategies that provide hope and camaraderie within a supportive environment.  To date, L2F is proud that over 4,000 men and women have participated in our programs and are now healthier and happier than when they joined our program!

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